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We are the European company INVEST HOLDING, based in Lithuania and successfully providing legal, consulting, accounting and business services for the countries of Africa and Asia.
99% of these services are performed remotely and can be sold online.
We have a working profitable business that brings in about $ 250,000 per year and we want to increase our profits to
$ 2,000,000 - $ 3,000,000 per year. We have everything for this - and we are ready to split the profit in half with our future investor, partner.

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Required investments - $ 600,000

-We are not a startup with cosmic ideas and billions of dollars in obscure spending.

-We have hundreds of payment receipts from clients and bank statements of our income.

-Our company has never attracted third-party investments, it has always had a single shareholder and director.

-Our company has been working with profit from the first day and net profit is from $ 250,000 per year. We have been on the market for over 2 years.

In order not to burden our potential investor, our mini presentation will be on 1 slide.

A few years ago, we saw that the huge market in Africa and Asia needs European services (companies, branches, bank accounts, assistance in the legalization of migration documents, assistance in moving businesses and investments to Europe) and the market is relatively empty.
All our competitors turned out to be weak, and we squeezed them out of the market since we did not spare money on advertising and honestly provided service to our clients. We are the only one of our competitors who actively maintain social networks (Instagram, Facebook) and arranges business trips to the countries with which we work.
Last year, we sent our employees on working trips to the countries we work with - Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh. We held a huge number of working meetings with partners and clients, helped them start a business in Europe or open branches, open companies, bank accounts, move with their family to Europe,
we met a huge number of interesting people - from medical equipment manufacturers to artists and celebrities (especially in India).
Also in India, at the hotel, we held a buffet meeting at which there were more than 200 people where our employees talked about the benefits of living, working, and doing business in EU countries
There we held hundreds of meetings, acquired partners and clients, photos of which you can see on our Instagram and our website.
Our scheme of work is worked out to the smallest detail and all we want is to grow sharply in profit by 10 times or more
Phone: +37060026796

Deployed Capital N/A

Development Stage N/A

Location Vilnius, Lithuania

Branches Lithuania

Investor Type Holding Company

Ticket Size N/A

Geographical Focus Tunisia

Industry Focus N/A


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