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Build your startup and work together with the best. ONLINE.

What studio does?
-Find the winning business model: Our team and superheros work like co-founders.
-Understand the market: Industry partners ready to show the needs from business world.
-Corporate engagement: Facilitate corporate engagement with startups.
-Next round investments: Next round investments.
-Bring together: Stay together with like-minded people, companies and stakeholders.

What you get?
-Value Build: We support you to execute the needs that we discovered, like a co-founder. The goal of the program is to find a ‘winning business model’ for you by aligning with the business at every step of your journey. We take 4% equity as a program fee, plus you will have 100K TRY investment ready.
-Investment: We fill the investment gap with our internal investment capital and our investment partners, VCs and angel networks globally.
-Superhero & Mentors: Work with the experts on business, marketing, finance, tech, design, legal and all your need.
-Distribution Channels: Our industry partners are ready to provide you sector-specific know-how and new distribution channels for your product & services and help you out generate cash.
-Extend Runway: Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!

* Wellness Partner: TheLifeCo
Offers people alternative solutions in order to improve their overall quality of life with its 360° holistic wellness approach, emerging from the growing needs of people trying to prevent and cope with toxic modern lifestyle. TheLifeCo has 3 wellbeing & detox centers in Bodrum, Antalya and Phuket.

* Fintech Partner: Gedik Yatırım
Gedik Investment has the largest customer base of any non-bank local brokerage house, and one of the leading investment banking advisory and brokerage firms in Turkey. Gedik Investment has around 58,000 clients & boasts a widespread distribution network in 42 main branches.

What to expect from Industry Partners?
- Learn from the mentors, coming from your industry.
- Develop new products or services together.
- Sell your product.
- Get investment.
- Benefit from local and international distribution and marketing channels of the partner.
- Riskless internationalization.
- Understand sectoral needs.

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Deployed Capital N/A

Development Stage N/A

Location Istanbul, Turkey

Branches Turkey

Investor Type Investment Company

Ticket Size $15000 - $1000000

Geographical Focus Global

Industry Focus N/A


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