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Grindstone is an international holding company that supports entrepreneurs in achieving their online business dreams.
From website creation and payment processing, to marketing and advertising, Grindstone’s portfolio companies work in synergy to remove all technical barriers faced by the modern business owner. By providing the essential building blocks, innovative automation tools and the right data, we allow entrepreneurs to focus their energy on what they do best: growing their businesses, fast.

Since 2010, we've assembled a powerful roster of digital technology companies employing more than 300 people across five countries. Having already developed market-leading products in the fields of performance marketing, digital entertainment and more, Grindstone is now striving to invest into the iGaming, e-commerce and payments industries. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the leading one-stop-shop technology-driven solution used by online business owners.

Investor Type Holding Company

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Location: Canada

Branches: United Kingdom (UK)