Company Information is a fully bootstrapped tech company that solves global problems. At, we've founded, funded, and spearheaded some of the most exciting and diverse tech ventures globally! Our aspiration is to become a timeless, fast-growing, global tech business engaged in transforming the region.

Our story began in 2008 when 3 university students got together and decided to give up safe careers, beat the status quo, and make waves of disruption. Their quest to seek the right answers led to the creation of something greater than just a global company. This ambition led to the creation of; a human-centric company that believes in never-ending innovation and dreaming big!

As the family grew, so did the brand portfolio and the numbers. Today, is growing at a high velocity and continuously looking for new ways to disrupt. By solving the tech needs of our customers wherever they are, we can already feel our impact on the world.

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Location Ireland

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Investor Type Venture Capital (VC)

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