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Blu Stone Management (“Blu Stone”) is an investment management firm that develops and manages the full asset allocation spectrum with an in-house focus on direct private investments.

Blu Stone was created to be a compelling proposition to holders of long-term capital seeking efficient multi-generational returns.

Our current portfolio consists of 15 active direct investments in addition to a portfolio of liquid securities. We do not raise third party funds, but instead we spend all our energy on helping our portfolio ventures grow and maximize their potential.

We have an evergreen structure that gives us flexibility on timing when it comes to investments and exit. As such, we will only deploy capital into private investments when returns have the potential to significantly exceed those of liquid investments. Otherwise, we will manage capital in liquid investments through third party managers.

Through a balanced portfolio, Blu Stone provides a very stable and diverse work environment for exceptional talent seeking to enhance their analytical as well as operational skills.

Although Blu Stone is agnostic when it comes to geographies and industries, we generally prefer the more tangible side of products and services. Our biggest limitation is resource allocation within our team. Therefore, this limits our efforts only to ideas and opportunities we believe we can be active in, can add value and can have the potential to reach scale.

Historically, the sectors we have focused on within our private investments portfolio are Telecom Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Specialty Housing and Petrochemicals.

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Location United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Investor Type Asset Management

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