Bird Scooters MENA


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Bird’s mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.

Embrace in the saving of the ecosystem, end the pollution and the greenhouse effect. For more than 50 years the (MENA) region has been one the most fossil fuel consumers in the world, its time to change that, it’s time to have a better method of transportation.

And for those just looking for the recreational use of (e scooters ) its one of the most fun things to do.
If its just you by the beach or the coast, or you and your friends, family or work colleagues.

It’s an amazing way to “blow of steam” after a long day at work or school.

Be part of this amazing journey to change the world to a greener mor eco friendly place.

Investor Type Crowd-funder

Disclosed Capital Deployed N/A

Ticket Size $10 - $50000000

Stage Focus N/A

Geo Focus MENA

Industry Focus N/A

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