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ADAP (A Different Approach to Poverty) focuses on finding effective ways to use market-based solutions to eradicate extreme poverty with dignity for all.
ADAP Capital and ADAP Advisers provide intellectual capital to the entrepreneur alongside investment capital.

How we act: ADAP has a solutions investment approach with dignity for all stakeholders. Our two guiding principles are:

1) Utilizing the power of markets through innovative financing: Using Market-based investments, utilizing innovative and effective financing with a consistent focus on the solution to the social problem being addressed.

2) Unleashing the power of dignity: Seeking dignity for all stakeholders - ensuring that all voices are represented, heard, and feel heard, with win-win-win for all stakeholders (investors-entrepreneurs-in country stakeholders) scenarios being adopted.

Investor Type Venture Capital (VC)

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Location London, United Kingdom (UK)



Location: London, United Kingdom (UK)

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