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Frequently Asked Questions

Your access point for startups & investors data in 19 emerging venture markets (and counting...)
What is MAGNiTT?
MAGNiTT is the first startup data platform serving founders and investors across emerging venture markets. Driven by the belief that data is the foundation of thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems, and that scale should not be constrained by a lack of information, MAGNiTT supports founders and investors with data that underpins decisions that drive expansions, investments, and exits across emerging venture markets in MENA, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
MAGNiTT is a research and analysis tool where you can discover and track new startups and potential investment targets. In addition, MAGNiTT offers a suite of tools that allow you to assess industries and markets.
We have four sources of data:
  • Primary Data: User generated by VCs and founders updating their profiles on MAGNiTT
  • Outreach: Regular reporting with funding institutions from across the MENA landscape
  • Secondary Data: Curation from MAGNiTT Team
  • Collaborations: Incoming data feeds from community partners
Startups: You can find facts and information on over 15,000 MENA startups including funding history, descriptions, focus and location amongst other indicators.
Investors: Information on over 2,000 investors and their investment activity, news, their investment mandates as well as their team members. Where available you can apply to them for funding.
All MAGNiTT research can be found under the Research tab. This includes all historical research as well as our monthly dashboard ecosystem summary.
This new feature allows you to make your own analytical research using proprietary MAGNiTT data. As part of the "Analytics" you can view charts and comparisons using filters to make your own analysis.
Absolutely. Feel free to book a demo with our team who will be happy to guide you through the platform and its features.
MAGNiTT is not a funding platform, instead we provide data and intelligence to support decision-making and to help determine strategy. Hence, we are not an intermediary between startups and investors.
As MAGNiTT is the largest and most detailed database of potentially investable high-growth companies in the region, you can use MAGNiTT as a research tool by creating a free account. You are able to connect directly on the platform and discuss opportunities with startups as well as run an investor application.
If you are an investment institution (VC, Angel Group, Accelerator, etc.) then you can contact us to set up your free application on MAGNiTT to allow you to receive deal flow directly through the platform.
MAGNiTT is not a funding platform. Nevertheless, by creating a profile on MAGNiTT, investors, mentors, and potential recruits are able to connect with you directly on the platform to discuss opportunities. You are also able to connect to funding institutions using our funding applications tool to scout for our next investor, accelerator, VC, or enabler. You can filter for investors in great detail and see who has a funding application open. We suggest that you ensure your company profile is up to date and ready before you start searching for your next investor.


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