Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MAGNiTT?

MAGNiTT is a data intelligence platform comprised of over 5,500 startups and more than 200 investors in the MENA region. We are your gateway to the MENA startup ecosystem!

How do we support Investors & Corporates?

MAGNiTT is a research and analysis tool where you can discover and track new startups and potential investment targets. In addition, MAGNiTT offers a suite of tools that allow you to assess industries and markets.

Where does your data come from?

We have four sources of data:
- Primary Data: User generated by VCs and founders updating their profiles on MAGNiTT
- Outreach: Regular reporting with funding institutions from across the MENA landscape
- Secondary Data: Curation from MAGNiTT research team
- Collaborations: Incoming data feeds from community partners

What do you consider to be a "MENA" startup?

There is no universally agreed upon definition of a startup. That being said, we focus on companies on MAGNiTT that are tech focused or tech enabled. The platform tags all startups by filters for industry which are updated by founders once claimed. While our focus is predominantly MENA, we look to expand in emerging markets and can find filters of startups for additional geographies. - Privately held

What data can i find here?

Startups: You can find facts and information on over 5,000 MENA startups including funding history, descriptions, focus and location amongst other indicators.
Investors: Information on their investment activity and news, their investment mandates as well as their team members. Where available you can apply to them for funding.

Can I update my profile?

Absolutely, once registered on MAGNiTT, you can either search our platform to see if a profile for your company exists which you can claim. Once transferred, you can edit and update the profile data to be as accurate as possible. Alternatively you can create your profile and include all relevant information.

Where can I access the research?

All MAGNiTT research can be found under the Research tab. This includes all historical research as well as our new monthly Dashboard ecosystem summary.

What is the Ecosystem bulletin?

MAGNiTT's new feature looks to summarise all monthly activity. We compare funding month on month and year on year providing analysis on trends across industries and markets. In addition, we summarise the most relevant news and events from across MENA. It's your one stop shop for information gathering on our region's ecosystem.

What is MAGNiTT Analytics tab?

This new feature allows you to make your own analytical research using the proprietary MAGNiTT data. As part of the "Analytics" package you can view charts and comparisons using filters to make your own analysis.

Can i get a demo?

Absolutely. Please email us at to set up a call with our team who will be happy to guide you through the platform and its features

Can I invest in companies listed on MAGNiTT?

MAGNiTT does not intermediate between investors and companies. However, as the largest platform across MENA you are able to discover and connect with founders of over 5,000 MENA startups and message them directly on the platform.

Do you help raise investment?

MAGNiTT is not a funding platform. However by creating a profile on MAGNiTT investors, mentors and potential recurits are able to connect with you directly on the platform to discuss opportunities. You are able to connect to funding institutions listed on the platform using your profile page. A full list of available funding institutions are found in the "Apply" page


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