Company Information

TAQADAM is a startup accelerator powered by the extraordinary networks of KAUST and SABB. Since 2016, we’ve been helping innovators push the boundaries of what’s possible and transform their dreams into a reality. We work with startups at all stages of growth and from any industry.

Over 6-months, we guide entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market through mentorship, zero-equity funding and training. Teams receive 150,000 SAR in grant-funding and access to co-working spaces across Saudi Arabia, in addition to many in-kind support. Our method focuses on product design, market fit, business model planning, team development and fundraising. Startups graduate with a toolkit to accelerate their business, gain access to potential customers and develop an exceptional network of mentors and investors.

Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Number of employees 0

Deployed Capital N/A

Stage N/A

Branches N/A

Investor Type Accelerator

Ticket Size $20000 - $100000

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Geo focus: MENA

Industry: N/A

Ticket size: $20000 - $100000