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Plug and Play ADGM is the ultimate innovation platform for corporations in the Middle East and North Africa. Our inaugural FinTech Innovation Platform aims to enable financial institutions to connect and engage with the very best international and locals startups and our wider corporate network. Our global presence (30 offices), corporate network (350+) and brand as the most startup-friendly stage-agnostic accelerator in the world, allows us to attract and accelerate the very best entrepreneurial talent.

Our mission is to attract high quality entrepreneurial talent to the Middle East who can work proactively with leading financial institutions in the region. This will represent an open innovation hub for a multitude of partners across the financial sector, running two three-month accelerator programs per year.

A bit more about Plug & Play - we are the largest global innovation platform in the world serving 350+ of the largest and most dynamic corporations in attaining their digitalisation goals through our 30 offices, 50+ accelerators and 14 tech/industry verticals. Some of our corporate partners include ExxonMobil, Daimler, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Maersk, Turkish Airlines, Adidas, P&G, Carrefour, AIG and Aon. We are also the most active VC in the world and early investor in Google, DropBox, PayPal, Lending Club, Logitech, N26, SoundHound and many others.

Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Geo focus: Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Yemen, Oman, Libya

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