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On pilootz innovators build traction, find their first pilot clients and reward them with free use of their products.

The value of a pilot client is always going to appreciate and it‘s getting more difficult to onboard pilot clients. The first set of customers means everything. Whether you are a one-man operation or a multi-million dollars organization, seeing the first set of customers come through your door or ordering through your site means everything. These customers give entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their business model and to get first feedback from clients. Based on these valuable insights they can adjust their product and find product/market fit. The pilot clients are also reference clients. They solve the chicken-egg problem and if they have a reputation their names can be used for attracting new clients.

Most successful companies struggled with that challenge of finding pilot clients in the early days and the reason for many companies to fail is that they fail in finding early adopters. Pilootz is here to solve this problem for entrepreneurs.

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