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We are The relocated company of Ultra Frontier, from Dubai to Jordan with activity in all of the MENA region. N1 means “In One” in English, and Address or عنوان in Arabic. It’s the new relaunching of our activities back to our root in Jordan after spending 4 years establishment in Dubai.

N1 Limited is an innovative investment advisory boutique which prides itself on its ability to provide its clients with a unique and tailored service. With strong foundations in the Middle East and very past industry experience amongst its team of specialists, N1 Limited has both the tools and vision to offer an unparalleled suite of services to meet the needs of its diverse clients.

With its finger consistently on the pulse of changing economic climates and market fluctuations, N1 Limited has positioned itself to provide decisive guidance for all manners of clients, from established investors to entrepreneurs.

Location Amman, Jordan

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Geo focus: Jordan

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