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Ibda3 is an accelerator that targets startups and SMEs in the cultural and creative sectors, it aims to turn their innovative ideas into scalable and sustainable business models that, as Shakespeare puts it, give life shape.
On Tuesday, February 25, 2020, VentureX signed an MOU with the Ministry of Culture to work together on establishing a first-of-its-kind Cultural and Creative Works Acceleration program rooted in Jordan and offered to the world as an open lab for idea adoption, and validation for small and medium investments in the creative and cultural sectors.
In order to serve startups in the best way, we partnered with key industry-experts, each will offer their maximum support to startups operating within their respective sectors, all our partners have remarkable achievements in their fields. They all want to lead this movement with us and offer their invaluable support to our startups.
These industry partners "OUR CHAMPIONS" are:
- The Royal Film Commission- Jordan
- Jordan Media Institute
- National Center For Culture & Arts
- Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
- The National Music Conservatory
Our goal is to adopt the strategic framework for exploiting the entrepreneurship and accelerators scene in order to make culture an absolute contributor to the local economy and create new opportunities.

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