GELLIFY Middle East


Company Information

GELLIFY is an innovation platform that connects high-tech B2B startups with Organizations to innovate their processes, products, and business models, through investments.
GELLIFY comprises three business units:
(1) GELLIFY for Startups, which provides comprehensive services beyond mentorship and services that are typical of incubators, through its unique ‘Gellification’ program;
(2) GELLIFY for Companies, which provides open innovation services used to design and implement digital transformation for small businesses and large corporations;
(3) GELLIFY for Investors, which provides investment advisory and the management of a GELLIFY Investment Fund on selected innovative B2B Tech Start-ups.

Headquartered in Italy with offices in Spain and UAE, the company’s success banks on its unique model which infuses businesses with the latest technologies from B2B startups and GELLIFY capabilities.

GELLIFY has also built a B2B Innovation Community, called “EXPLORE”, whose aim is to connect entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals through B2B events and Phygital experiences.

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Number of employees 0

Deployed Capital N/A

Stage N/A

Branches Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Italy

Investor Type Incubator

Ticket Size $100000 - $2000000

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Geo focus: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan

Industry: N/A

Ticket size: $100000 - $2000000