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Ecocoast exists to develop pioneering solutions for a better marine environment. We are the largest manufacturer of marine protection barriers in the world. Our core purpose is to pioneer. Everything we do is either the first to market or an evolution of an existing idea.

To achieve our mission of solving the world’s most pressing marine problems, we have launched our innovation lab, Ecolabs. Through Ecolabs, we were the only company in the world to successfully design and manufacture the screen for The Ocean Cleanup project that will be launched in San Fransisco in September 2018, and we recently launched WasteShark, the first zero-carbon waste and data collection vehicle for urban waters.

Ecolabs takes a collaborative approach to solving the world’s most pressing marine problems. To achieve our mission and have real impact, Ecolabs is driven by the ethos that no one company or one innovation can be responsible. It is a multifaceted and holistic approach where collaboration is key. Through Ecolabs, Ecocoast collaborates with its clients, strategic partners, start-ups and SMEs to develop game-changing products and solutions.

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Location United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Investor Type Accelerator

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