EFG-EV Fintech



Company Information

EFG-EV Fintech is a startup accelerator/early stage VC fund designed and established to nurture, support and empower financial technology startups poised to disrupt or challenge the status quo in the financial services sector and contribute to the development of the Fintech ecosystem in Egypt.

EFG-EV Fintech builds on the financial expertise of EFG Hermes and entrepreneurial support of Egypt Ventures to offer Fintech startups the opportunity to collaborate with mentors, partners, and investors to build their products, business models and access new markets in its acceleration program in partnership with Falak Startups

Location Cairo, Egypt

Number of employees 0

Deployed Capital N/A

Stage N/A

Branches Egypt

Investor Type Accelerator

Ticket Size $25000 - $250000

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Geo focus: Egypt

Industry: N/A

Ticket size: $25000 - $250000