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Yara Growth Ventures is the corporate venture capital team for Yara International ASA (a world leading crop nutrition and agriculture company headquartered in Norway). Our team invests in startups and in venture capital funds which sit at the intersection of science and technology in the agrifood and the hydrogen industries.

At Yara the mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. At Yara Growth Ventures, we don't lose sight of that. We are patient capital who, while always looking to make financially sound investments, invest in teams looking to change agriculture and the hydrogen economy.

Our Agriculture focus
Our core agriculture thesis is that we believe in "no compromise farming." By that we mean that we don't believe that the majority of farmers, advisors, or agriculture companies are going to be willing to compromise on yield, quality, profitability, and time effort in order to meet sustainability demands. As such, we are looking for companies which have a high impact with low effort required and price parity (or better) with current practices in order to get sustainability to massive adoption. With this in mind, we invest in biologicals focused on plant resilience, in-field decision support, supply chain optimization, and farmer financing. All with the common thread of sustainability.

Our Green Hydrogen focus
Green hydrogen is a critical part of the world's ability to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Given Yara's hundreds of years of experience in ammonia production, we are looking to empower and accelerate the transition to green production by investing in the "picks and shovels" of the industry including technologies related to production, storage, and transportation.

Our investment stage and size
Typically, initial investments are around $3M USD. We are stage agnostic and invest globally. We will never ask for exclusivity or any special preferential treatment. We are here to help you succeed, however we can.

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