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Justin Rath and Matthew Iommi are serial entrepreneurs and co-founders of the disruptive technology-based ride sharing app fetii.

Justin Rath is an Indian-American entrepreneur and business magnate with a track record of multiple successful exits. Rath started his first business at the age of 16 and sold his first company by the age of 19 when a group of investors acquired the peer-to-peer tutoring and learning platform that Rath had developed himself.

Matthew Iommi is a British-American investor and entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of Texas A&M University where he graduated with a degrees in business and economics. At age 18, Iommi started managing his own investment portfolio, first delving into the stock market and later adding a series of private companies to his portfolio. In college, Iommi advised his friends on how to build their Roth IRAs and taught them the importance of fundamental investing. By his early 20s, Iommi had become a champion of fundamental investing and went on to use his profits and keen sense of economic strategy to invest in more private companies.

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