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Start Any Business


Company Information

Start any Business (SAB) is the part of JMM Group -the strong expertise in the field of legal and trading services. JMM Group was established by Mr Jasim Hassan Juma Mohamed Al Maazmi in the year 2001. Around 250+ companies have under the JMM Group. Lead by the contracting, trading division and investment; this company has an interest in manufacturing, logistics, travel and tourism, security services, e-commerce, imports and exports, health care, and so on. JMM intend many great years ahead in terms of growth, profitability and business.

As our company is linked with the JMM Group, the reputed company in UAE. So that we are also one of the remarkable business set up provider company in UAE. We have specializations over services and work closely with the government officials to ease quick and easy approach to your business in the UAE. With our remarkable services, we eager to begin the sector of business solutions in the UAE. We imagine our progress with our growing business clients and imparting our part in the consistently growing UAE economy. Our company vision is to establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients by immense their expectations and procuring their trust through extraordinary performance by professional team member of our company.

Our company ensures sincere dedication towards working across companies and offers the best business and company set up in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates. The groups of our company work familiarly with the government offices to cater to the business set up needs of new and managing representatives all over the UAE. Start any Business (SAB) that generates a rapid way to enter the UAE market for numerous small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and multinational companies.

Start any Business (SAB) offers not only the commencing requirements of business set up in Dubai but also generates expanded scope for the company. Our company understands that when setting up the business in Dubai, it is essential to acknowledge the scope of the companies; that’s why establishing your company or business is a process that permits you to focus on growth and conduct new chances.

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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