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There are so many so called big name for the guidance and training for WBCS examination, the most prestigious Service under the government of West Bengal. Most guardians invest their hard earned money in huge amount for their graduate/P.G. son or daughter to admit in big institutes by attracting the large advertisement on regular basis in the popular news papers and electronic media. Actual fact is that these tutorials invest their money in advertisement—not for quality faculty and expert guidance and effective study material . In most institutes there is no special care in personal level as size of each batch is large, even more than 50 or 60. In most case unsuccessful candidates are appointed as faculties in cheap rate to maximise profits. Another thing is that most candidates are attracted by fasle demand of the institute of actual success rate. Actual success rate for a particular current batch of prelim + Main + interview is very very negligible. And it is even less than 1% in most case. Any big name can challenge us regarding this.

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