Company Information

Nusaned Investment, a closed joint stock company, was launched in November 2018 at Biban Mekkah (an SME forum set up by Monsha'at) with the aim of augmenting financial support to SMEs and accelerating progress towards the Kingdom's local content targets under Vision 2030. Nusaned Investment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SABIC, that operates as an autonomous investment company with an independent Board of Directors.

The SME financing market in Saudi Arabia is a nascent one, with great growth potential to reach the maturity levels of more advanced markets. Nusaned Investment aims to support the SME equity financing offering as well as facilitate the reach to debt funding.

Nusaned Investment will invest equity alongside local and international investors to localize mature technologies and pioneer emerging technologies in the Kingdom.

Specifically, Nusaned Investment's offerings include:

Direct equity and mezzanine financing
Unlocking of debt from third-party banks
Provision of support through strategic and operational advisory as well as through SABIC's localization initiative

Deployed Capital N/A

Development Stage N/A

Location Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Branches N/A

Investor Type Corporate

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