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How to Setup HP Printer to Wifi

New technologies have made your HP printer more skilled than ever before, making printing easy and convenient. From now on, you can print whatever you need anywhere at any time. In addition, you can only print documents from mobile devices. Would you like to find a way to How to Setup HP Printer to Wifi? Start from here and begin a joyful, easy printing journey.
How to Setup HP Printer to Wifi, you have 4 options:
• HP Auto Wireless Connect
• Wireless Setup Assistant
• WPS Connect Push Button
• Connect without a router with your HP printer

Method 1: Auto Wireless Connect from HP

HP Auto Wireless Connect enables you to automatically connect your printer to your wireless network. No cables need to be connected or wireless network settings such as your network name or password must be entered. This way you will get to know How to Setup HP Printer to Wifi.
• You first need to install the software for your printer in order to use this option.

• Go to the software download page for HP Support and enter your printer model. Download the operating system driver and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on the computer.

• Switch your printer on and run the software.

• Select Wireless when prompted for the type of network connection (Ethernet/Wireless), and then click Yes to send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended).

• Wait for the connecting printer. That may take a couple of minutes. Just click on Finish when it's done. Your HP printer is now ready for printing work .

Method 2: Wireless Wizard for Setup
With the Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer's control panel, you can connect your HP printer to WiFi through HP Printer How to Connect to Wifi. This method applies only to an HP printer that displays graphics.

• Power on the printer.

• Unplug any cables from your printer that are USB or Ethernet.

• From your printer's control panel, tap the wireless icon or go to the Network menu.

• Select Wireless Settings, and then tap Setup Wizard for Wireless.

• Find your network and enter the key for WEP or WPA, then click OK.

Method 3: Connect by WPS Push Button
If the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push-button mode is supported by both your router and HP printer, you can simply connect your printer to Wi-Fi within 2 minutes with a simple push on your printer and router.

• Step 1: On your printer, press the WPS button.
You can go to the control panel to start the WPS pushbutton mode if there's no physical pushbutton on your printer. Tap the Wireless menu, and then click Setup for Wi-Fi Protected. To complete the setup, follow the on-screen instructions. Select an option for the WPS Button. Then you'll be prompted to press your router's WPS button.

o Step 2: Within 2 minutes, on your router, press the WPS push button.
o Method 4: Without a router, connect your HP Printer
You don't actually need an Internet connection to complete your print job.

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