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Global Indian International School - Seisincho Cam


Company Information

Global Indian School, Tokyo is a private school that aims to nurture global citizens through high-quality, holistic education. The high-quality education imparted by globally experienced teachers builds strong values and virtues, while fostering creativity, entrepreneurship and teamwork abilities.
The brand of schools believes in an early exposure to extra curriculars, arts and sports. Taking up leadership, performing arts, entrepreneurship creates a balanced learning environment and makes students into well-rounded individuals. While academics are important at every level, character building qualities like ethics, universal values, discipline and personality development are emphasised in the initial years. Later, academic achievements, entrepreneurship skills, leadership and key competencies for career progression are pushed to ensure that students choose the right career and subjects for themselves.
As students progress through the robust curriculum of the GIIS school, they learn to push their boundaries and continuously expand learning horizons. GIIS create self-aware, well-rounded future citizens who are prepared to handle anything that comes their way.

Location Tokyo, Japan

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Corporate Type Corporate

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Geo focus: Japan

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