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Flotilla IoT is a telematics and tracking service provider founded in 2010 to help businesses automate their management operations. With an extensive experience in dealing with the needs of the businesses related to logistics management, Flotilla serves them in the best possible way. From asset and fleet management to GPS tracking and performance management, Flotilla IoT offers everything under one roof. It helps businesses to streamline and improve their daily activates and enhance productivity.
Fleet Management System:
Fleet management system is one of the most highly demanded products of Flotilla IoT. It is web-based telematics software that provides real-time GPS tracking of vehicles and other units along with their management. From fuel management to driver’s activity, everything can be monitored through fleet management system. The businesses can gauge driver’s performance, activate sensors, compile reports, and set alerts for different activities.
Assets Management System:
Flotilla IoT offers state of the art assets management software that facilitates businesses to keep track of their assets. It also helps keep record related to inventory like the stage of an item in the requisition process. Assets management system incorporates QR codes and NFC tags to help business owners monitor their inventory effectively. Every product in the inventory is assigned a QR code or NFC tag which separates it from the rest.
Shift Management System:
The shift management system is an innovative product by Flotilla IoT designed to help businesses ensure security and gauge their employees’ performance. With the help of shift management software, businesses can monitor the daily attendance and punctuality of the employees. It also allows creating schedules for various shifts of employees along with the designated holidays. The managers can also keep track of leaves and late arrivals of different employees.
Facility Management System:
Flotilla IoT has developed a one of a kind facility management system to assist facility managers in performing their jobs efficiently. The facility management system contains the complete record of the facilities used by the occupants within a building. From electricity bills to entry and exit of tenants, every data can be easily managed through this software.

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Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Branches Iraq, Pakistan

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