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Fikra - Paltel Group Innovation Hub is a technology innovation hub where individuals and teams can grow their technologies and businesses; it is a creative space for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and in need of capacity building and mentoring.

The Hub will include a co-working space access to Paltel Group infrastructure such as Jawwal’s own Application Store and Jawwal Pay (e-wallet) amongst other infrastructure that aim to transform ideas into projects or products with ultimately turning them into an investment opportunity. Furthermore, Paltel Group, a public shareholding company with a major market share in Palestine’s telecommunication sector, can act as an early adopter of new technologies upon investment in the startup.

The Fikra Hub also applies additional methods of the corporate entrepreneurship responsibility (CER) program, along with cooperating with other stakeholders in launching innovation challenges, launching its own Paltel venture capital fund to invest in early stage technology startups and to be the bedrock in supporting the technology startups ecosystem.

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