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Epixel provides a custom Unilevel software solution configured with Business intelligence tools to enhance your MLM and direct selling business. Specially designed Unilevel back-office and commission processing system with premium distributor engagement features to manage more members and error free commission calucation.The latest technologies like Python and Golang to ensure a quick commission processing system is incorporated into the MLM software. Epixel also provides blockchain-based dapps development, crypto exchange and trading app, single and multivendor e-commerce platforms, and learning management systems with industry leading technologies and innovations. Analyze and experience the features of Epixel unilevel plan MLM software:
Advanced Features:
Data-driven business intelligence tools (BI)
Analyze business KPI analyzer
Error-free compensation calculations
Smart distributor engagement tools
Intelligent promotional tools
Internationalization tools

Unilevel MLM Software Back-office features:
Business administrator tools
Distributors tools
Business & financial staff tools
Back-office support staff tools
Genealogy tree view
Compensation engine
Contextual data analysis

Member management tools:
Unilevel team genealogy
Network explorer
Downline sales tracking

Promotional Tools:
Distributor training platform
Replicated website
Career program with configurable rules
Payout compression
Holding tank
Multiple business centers
Modify unilevel genealogy structure
Career reward program
Promotional landing page leads capturing
Lead generation funnels

E-commerce or shopping cart
Cryptocurrency or blockchain
Online game platform
E-learning platforms
Smart contract & token sales

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