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Epixel provides stable and customizable software solutions for MLM and direct selling business. Epixel Party plan MLM software has stable advanced features like host training program, party calendar, etc., to ensure the party sales business. Insights from intelligent product management tools enhance business admin to manage products. Increases productivity and sales forecasting based on different factors like product demand, sales flow, etc. The host organizes a party for other hosts through combo sales by increasing the sales probability. Hosts get commissions and special bonuses such as direct or indirect sponsor bonus, level bonus, rank bonus, fast start bonus, and rank rewards, etc. Let us explore the features of Epixel Party Plan MLM Software

Advanced Features:
Data-driven business intelligence tools (BI)
KPI analyzer
Error-free compensation calculations
Intelligent promotional tools
Internationalization Tools

Party MLM Software Back-office features:
Business administrator tools
Host party management tools
Inventory management tools
Genealogy tree view
Compensation engine
Rank configuration engine
Internal message system

Member management tools:
Party plan MLM genealogy tree
Network explorer
Downline sales tracking

Promotional Tools:
Host training program
Party event management
Replicated website
Lead generation tools
Party calendar
Career program with configurable rules
Holding tank
Multiple business centers
Business contacts
Payout compression
Support ticket system

E-commerce or shopping cart
Cryptocurrency or blockchain
Smart contracts & Token sales
Online game platform

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Development Stage N/A

Location United States of America (USA)

Branches Hong Kong

Investor Type Corporate Accelerator

Ticket Size N/A


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