Cancer Exercise Training Institute

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Cancer Exercise Specialists are to cancer what cardiac rehab is to the heart patient. At CETI we provide products and educational materials for health care professionals as well as cancer patients.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute provides health and fitness professionals with comprehensive coursework on twenty-five types of cancer as well as pediatrics, their surgeries and treatments, breast reconstruction, upper and lower body lymphedema prevention, identification, and management, cancer pain and fatigue, comprehensive fitness evaluations including postural assessment and goniometry, as well as marketing strategies and how to position themselves as the "next step" in the health care continuum.

Business Address: 3436 NE 21st Ave., Portland, Oregon 97212, USA

Business Phone: +1 503-502-6776

Hours of Operation: 9 am to 5 pm

Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit card

Areas Served: Global

Services Offered: Certificates, live training for health and fitness professionals interested in aging populations and cancer

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Development Stage N/A

Location United States of America (USA)

Branches N/A

Investor Type Corporate

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