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Linkbynet help startups to focus on their core business and take care of the IT infrastructure, IT security, DevOps, and Managed Services 24/7 with a very attractive pricing.
We have a strong partnership with Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, GCP and more).
Linkbynet is among the leaders in:
- Next generation Managed Services (recognized one of the top Managed Services offer)
- Consultancy services: Assessment to the journey to the Cloud (We assess on all aspects of processes, risks, cost optimization, training people, and more to move from onprend to the cloud)
- DevOps and Containerization (multiple certifications, worldwide expert in Dockers and more. We host the biggest DevOps event in Europe)
- Cyber Security (Assessment, Implementation and 24/7 services and SOC, multiple certifications)
- Data center optimization, modernization and Disaster Recovery

We have a measurable and straight impact by:
- Improving the Time to Market
- Improving SLAs
- Improving the end users satisfaction
- Improving your IT performance
- Decreasing the IT cost
We have 800 customers, some of them are more than 100k employees and the majority are less than 50 employees.

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Location Paris, France

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