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Founded in 2004 by Abdulsalam Haykal, our company creates platforms for businesses to deliver their messages. This is done through our media products, that include Harvard Business Review Arabia, Popular Science Arabia, MIT Technology Review Arabia, and others, along with our content creation services that help companies deliver well crafted messages to their audiences, with the help of our events and conferences division, that brings along the content and community together.

Haykal Media works to fill gaps in the good quality Arabic content space. Through our publications we aim to support the empowerment and enablement efforts in the Arab world, increasing access to knowledge for Arabs across the region. Each of our publications sits at the centre of the ecosystem that it covers, and builds a community of engaged constituents. We believe that trusted, well produced content is the keystone of our work,

Haykal Media is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with offices and affiliates in Riyadh, Cairo, Damascus, and Beirut.

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