Zain Great Idea Acceleration Program Application

    Brilliant Lab has announced that registration is now open for the Kuwaiti and the Gulf region tech startups looking to join the sixth edition of Zain Great Idea Investment and Acceleration Program, this year virtually. The program provides a package for the emerging tech startups as well as startups falling under the following establishing services: 1. $50K in cash investment from the Brilliant Start investment fund, in exchange for not less than 5% share in the company (the startups initially requires the investment committee’s approval). 2. Legal and administrative support, as well as commercial licensing services are provided to the startups joining through the Brilliant Lab acceleration program. 3. Virtual training will be given by the best practitioners of technology enterprise expertise from IE, MIT, and Stanford business schools. 4. Media and marketing support provided by Zain Telecommunications Company to the distinguished startups to help them reach their targeted groups faster and with ease. 5. Meetings and exchange of experiences with more than 100 graduates from Zain Great Idea’s previous programs. Join Zain Great Idea Investment and Acceleration Virtual Program today to take your tech startup to the next level!

    The applicant is required to be: - GCC startup - Founder or at least a co-founder - Not less than 21 years old - In case the startup includes a team, only 2 team members will be allowed to join the program - Applicant must be approved by the investment committee

    Deadline: Thu, January 14, 2021

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Advertising and Marketing, Agnostic, Telecom, Gaming, Water, Social Entrepreneurship, General, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, E-commerce, Technology, HR & Recruitment, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Transport, Blockchain, Sports & Fitness, Security, Construction, Productivity apps, Multimedia, Insurance, Fashion & Beauty, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Professional/Corporate Services, Education, Agriculture, Audio and Media, Space Tech, Cryptocurrency, Retail, Robotics, Real Estate, Network & Community, IT Solutions, Legal, Homecare, Consumer Services, AR/VR, IoT, Hardware, Healthcare, Entertainment & Music, Artificial Intelligence, Video & Animation, Delivery & Logistics, Finance & Banking, Travel & Tourism, Events, Creative, Sustainability

    Development Stage: SEED, Prototype testing, Launch

    Geographical Focus: Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Yemen, Morocco, Libya, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Algeria, Palestine, Bahrain

    The deadline for this application has passed.

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