Palm Ventures Funding Application

    Palm Ventures is a venture building company established in 2014 with a vision to become one of the big four technology spin-off builders in the MENA Region by 2025. The company has supported 25 start-ups and assisted various government institutions in achieving their innovation-related requirements. On all its projects, the team has worked meticulously with clients to achieve their business performance measures. This support primarily came in the form of delivering metrics in product and business development, generating initial traction, scale, and growth.

    Deadline: Wed, December 30, 2020

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Events, Fashion & Beauty, Entertainment & Music, Video & Animation, Advertising and Marketing, Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Food & Beverage, Hardware, Multimedia, Space Tech, Consumer Services, Audio and Media, Homecare, IoT, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Security, Gaming, Agnostic, Real Estate, General, Professional/Corporate Services, Creative, Legal, HR & Recruitment, Sports & Fitness, IT Solutions, Productivity apps, Finance & Banking, Robotics, Fintech, Social Entrepreneurship, AR/VR, Aerospace, E-commerce, Education, Transport, Insurance, Network & Community, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Sustainability, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Water, Retail, Telecom, Renewable Energy, Technology

    Development Stage: Growth, Idea development, Idea exploration, Prototype testing, Launch, SEED

    Geographical Focus: Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan

    The deadline for this application has passed.

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