Nomow Incubator Funding Application

    Nomow is a seed investment program that fosters and invests in bright and passionate entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. We provide seed funding, strategic mentorship, a creative workspace, a multitude of perks, entrepreneurship-focused business training, and directly support our startups through an expansive network of partner entities, mentors and investors. We create an environment where you can advance your company an incredible amount in a short period of time.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: IT Solutions, Fintech, Telecom, Video & Animation, Social Entrepreneurship, Security, Fashion & Beauty, Insurance, Sports & Fitness, Agnostic, Water, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Events, Entertainment & Music, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Finance & Banking, Productivity apps, IoT, Network & Community, Audio and Media, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Education, Delivery & Logistics, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Gaming, Blockchain, Real Estate, Multimedia, Healthcare, Hardware, Construction, Legal, AR/VR, Consumer Services, Space Tech, Homecare, Robotics, E-commerce, Creative, Transport, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Technology, Professional/Corporate Services, Entertainment & Music, E-commerce, Events, Entertainment & Music, Gaming, Education, Aerospace, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Audio and Media, Education, Creative, Delivery & Logistics, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Delivery & Logistics, Agnostic, General, Advertising and Marketing, Blockchain, AR/VR, Agriculture

    Development Stage: Idea development, Idea exploration, SEED, Growth, Acquired, Launch, Prototype testing, Maturity

    Geographical Focus: Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Morocco, Iran

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