Emerging Markets Angel Network (EMAN) Funding Application

    Emerging Markets Angel Network (“EMAN”) is a community of passionate founders, investors, operators and ecosystem enablers. We are unified by our shared mission to unearth and nurture high potential tech startups in MENA and LATAM that will become the next regional and global leaders.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Audio and Media, Blockchain, Construction, IoT, Cryptocurrency, Legal, Fashion & Beauty, Water, Agnostic, Technology, Creative, Finance & Banking, Consumer Services, General, Agriculture, Aerospace, Events, Space Tech, Food & Beverage, Fintech, Productivity apps, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Professional/Corporate Services, Education, Hardware, Multimedia, Advertising and Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment & Music, Gaming, Delivery & Logistics, Homecare, E-commerce, HR & Recruitment, Telecom, Sports & Fitness, AR/VR, Real Estate, Video & Animation, Travel & Tourism, Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Robotics, Retail, IT Solutions, Security, Social Entrepreneurship, Network & Community, Insurance, Transport

    Development Stage: SEED

    Geographical Focus: Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Syria, Syria, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Bahamas, Kuwait

    Difficulty applying ? Contact info@magnitt.com