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Application Description

Intelak is a technology and innovation hub, based in Dubai, that supports early and late stage start-ups with the education, mentorship, tools and resources needed to address business challenges in global aviation and tourism. Intelak Hub’s principal partners - the Emirates Group, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), Accenture and Microsoft - provide support, expertise and mentorship at each stage of the Hub’s programmes.

Safe Travel in a Post-COVID World Intelak Accelerator’s challenges consider how to enhance the health, safety, convenience and well-being of travellers to Dubai through seamless travel experiences to make visitors feel more inspired, safe and supported.

1). Shopping Experience: What enhancements to the shopping experience can be made for visitors in Dubai through in- destination marketing utilising real-time location-based offers and discounts?

2). Contactless Touchpoints: How can an inclusive, seamless and connected traveller journey be created by leveraging digital or contactless technologies?

3). A City For Everyone: How can travel be reimagined to improve the end-to-end Dubai experience for People of Determination and senior citizens to be more inclusive, exciting and inspiring?

4). AI Travel Assistant: How can an AI travel assistant enhance the overall traveller experience prior to arrival in the destination and/or be carried throughout a visitors stay – allowing for maximum exposure to all destination offerings?

5). Gamification: What gamification technologies can be utilised throughout a visitors stay in the city to enhance customer engagement and loyalty?

Preferred Development Stages
Prototype testing
Idea development
Preferred Industries
Travel & Tourism
Fashion & Beauty
Artificial Intelligence
Preferred Geographical Focus
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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