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    Spartech Ventures Funding Application

    Spartech is a disruptive tech venture capital fund. We invest in founders first and foremost with a vision to create a hybrid working relationship between Spartech’s partners and our portfolio founders. We intend to leverage our combined networks to unlock value in the home markets and beyond.

    We invest in Post Revenue startups i.e. no prototype or concept proving stages! 

    We invest in tech-focused sectors at the market entry inflection points i.e. at the point of growth spurts.

    While being commercially driven, the team assigns importance to socio-economic impact drivers including race, social and gender equality as well as job creation and society enhancement


    Application Criteria

    Industry: IoT, Legal, Artificial Intelligence, Audio and Media, Events, Blockchain, Productivity apps, Delivery & Logistics, Advertising and Marketing, Insurance, Agnostic, Security, HR & Recruitment, Space Tech, IT Solutions, Sports & Fitness, Telecom, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Aerospace, Gaming, Hardware, Retail, Delivery & Logistics, Technology, Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Transport, Water, Social Entrepreneurship, Travel & Tourism, Homecare, Professional/Corporate Services, Fintech, General, Video & Animation, Consumer Services, Food & Beverage, Creative, Fashion & Beauty, Robotics, AR/VR, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Multimedia, Entertainment & Music, Construction, E-commerce, Education, Network & Community

    Development Stage: Growth, Maturity, Acquired, SEED

    Geographical Focus: Asia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, United Kingdom (UK), Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Jordan, United States of America (USA), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Syria

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