MBRIF Guarantee Scheme Application

    As an innovator on your journey to grow your business, you may face difficulties with obtaining the funds you need during the growth phases. The Guarantee Scheme, a federal-government backed program sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, is about bridging that financial gap without diluting your equity. What differentiates the Guarantee Scheme from other options in the market, is that it provides financial support through a government-backed guarantee, without taking equity, so that you can grow, commercialize and monetize your businesses faster.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    - Sectors - Innovators from all sectors with a focus on the UAE Innovation Strategy priority sectors.

     - UAE Presence - UAE based companies or companies that are looking to build a presence in the UAE.

    - Post Ideation Phase - Novel techniques, products, or services in a post ideation phase of development.

    - Market Potential - Innovations with an adequate level of transferability and market potential. - Sustainability - Individuals or companies with a strong and sustainable business plan.

    - Level of risk - Individuals or companies which carry a reasonable level of commercial risk for the MBRIF.

     - Access to funds - Applicants that are unable to access affordable funding or other alternatives.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Technology, Space Tech, Education, Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Transport, Water, Aerospace

    Development Stage: Growth, Maturity

    Geographical Focus: Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Tunisia, Qatar, Sudan, Libya, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Palestine, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt

    Difficulty applying ? Contact info@magnitt.com