Impact46 Funding Application

    Impact46 is a CMA authoarized asset manager focused on alternative investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, providing unique innovative investment products and services to local & international institutions, family groups, endowments, and high net worth investors. We invest in theme-specific private equity opportunities across different stages of development from idea generation (startups) to mature profitable businesses. Our name represents our roots, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, longitude line 46. Impact46 aims to impact the venture capital space starting from its hometown of Riyadh with the goal to spread the ripple effect into the region as a whole. 





    Application Criteria

    Industry: E-commerce, IoT, Construction, Creative, Audio and Media, Fintech, Robotics, Delivery & Logistics, Finance & Banking, Technology, Security, Social Entrepreneurship, Sports & Fitness, Insurance, Network & Community, Retail, Professional/Corporate Services, Aerospace, Telecom, Renewable Energy, Consumer Services, Advertising and Marketing, Agriculture, Legal, IT Solutions, Education, Multimedia, Fintech, Water, Gaming, Travel & Tourism, Space Tech, Video & Animation, Agnostic, Events, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Homecare, HR & Recruitment, Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate, Fashion & Beauty, Cryptocurrency, Transport, Blockchain, Productivity apps, Entertainment & Music, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Technology, General, Hardware, AR/VR, Creative, Gaming, IoT, Audio and Media, Cryptocurrency, IT Solutions, Consumer Services, Agnostic, Construction, Security, Transport, Blockchain, Food & Beverage, Professional/Corporate Services, Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship, Travel & Tourism, Telecom, Education, Fashion & Beauty, Legal, E-commerce, Sports & Fitness, Retail, Aerospace, Water, Space Tech, Video & Animation, Healthcare, Delivery & Logistics, Multimedia, HR & Recruitment, Artificial Intelligence, Advertising and Marketing, Technology, Robotics, Homecare, Finance & Banking, Renewable Energy, Events, Fashion & Beauty, General, Finance & Banking, Fintech, Network & Community, Hardware, Entertainment & Music, Real Estate

    Development Stage: Launch, SEED, Growth

    Geographical Focus: Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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