Tech Invest Com Funding Application

    Tech Invest Com is a Saudi technology investment company established in 2005. We invest in growth stage tech startups in KSA & MENA.

    Tech Invest Com aims to maximize shareholders returns through value added investments in technology in the MENA region with focus on GCC countries. We strive to take advantage of, and participate in the evolving business environment and emerging opportunities driven by rapid technology innovation and the Saudi Vision 2030.

    We have invested circa SAR 600 Million in various technology businesses in the region, including telecom, ICT, web-based businesses and higher education, including verticals and adjacencies related to these sectors.


    Our investments take one of the following forms:

    - Equity investment and / or convertible securities in earlier stage innovative companies with growth and scale up potential.

    - Strategic PE equity in larger established companies.

    - Strategic holdings of shares in listed equities.

    Investment Criteria:

    - Growth Stage startups in GCC (preferably) and MENA region. We invest in Series A investment rounds and above, and we are sector agnostic but has to be tech-enabled.




    Application Criteria

    Industry: Legal, E-commerce, Insurance, Retail, Fintech, Technology, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Robotics, Real Estate, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Insurance

    Development Stage: Growth, Maturity

    Geographical Focus: Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan

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