MENA Moonshots Funding Application

    MENA Moonshots is a boutique fund that offers investment, strategy design and direct operational mentorship to our partners. With strong track records of building industry ecosystems and extensive professional networks, we tailor our support to each individual partner's needs and aspirations. If you've got a start-up that's shooting for the moon with plans for the MENA region, then we're interested in hearing from you. Tell us more about your project!



    Application Criteria

    Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Audio and Media, Blockchain, Fintech, Finance & Banking, Legal, AR/VR, Multimedia, General, Video & Animation, Food & Beverage, Space Tech, Agnostic, Events, Professional/Corporate Services, Real Estate, IoT, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Aerospace, Social Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Security, IT Solutions, Entertainment & Music, Construction, Fashion & Beauty, Transport, Creative, Homecare, Network & Community, Delivery & Logistics, Consumer Services, Robotics, Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Agriculture, Advertising and Marketing, Telecom, Hardware, Water, Renewable Energy, Education, Productivity apps, Sports & Fitness, Technology, HR & Recruitment, E-commerce, Gaming

    Development Stage: Launch, SEED, Growth

    Geographical Focus: Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Libya, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco

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