Faith Capital Funding Application

    Faith Capital is a venture capital firm investing in talented founders building long-term value by developing sound operations at home and abroad. A Kuwait based venture capital fund owned and managed by individuals with proven business experience and success in the GCC.

    The principal focus of Faith Capital is on e-commerce businesses, based in the region and internationally, which have high growth potential for the future. Faith Capital’s approach is to support and create further value in those companies through both its funding, and most importantly, specialized local and international operational and management expertise. 

    Faith Capital is committed to investing in the next generation of regional entrepreneurs. With this in mind, we have specified certain decision criteria for our investments in order to ensure the maximum likelihood of success. Faith Capital typically invests in startups with at least 6 months of product/market launch history. Our contribution is typically between $200,000 and $1,500,000, assuming the opportunity is approved by our investment committee. In order to be considered, please complete the following application with as much detail as possible.

    At what business stage does the fund invest?

    o    Early Stage – Seed & Series A

    o    We occasionally look at later stage investments on an opportunistic basis

    Where does the fund invest?

    o    Faith Capital invests in the MENA region, with a particular emphasis on the GCC

    o    We occasionally look at other geographies on an opportunistic basis

    Which industries does the fund invest in:

    o    Proprietary technology/data & Tech-enabled legacy business models

    o    Consumer & Enterprise

    o    Software (Web & Mobile)

    What is the ticket size for initial investment?

    o    $200k - $1.5m

    Other pre-requisites?

    o    Founders must be located in MENA or have ties to the region

    o    Must have at least 6 months of product/market history

    o    No hardware businesses

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Technology, E-commerce, Consumer Services

    Development Stage: Growth, SEED

    Geographical Focus: MENA, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen

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