About Seeders Angel Group
Application Description

Seeders community links qualified angels with entrepreneurs looking to raise financing for their early-stage business ideas. every 6-8 weeks, startups pitch their projects in front of world-class angels to access funding, knowledge, and mentoring.

To apply, your startup needs to meet the following Eligibility criteria:

Country of Incorporation: Based and Incorporated in Lebanon

Industry Focus: All sectors excluding manufacturing or selling arms, weapon, or munitions; Activities that contributes to the violation of internationally recognized workers and human rights conventions or Lebanese labor laws; Any activity defined as illegal, or environmentally hazardous and dangerous for human health; All activities involved in the gambling industry; Activities involved in currency speculations; Security investments, or other type of financial assets; Activities in the real estate sector.

Stage: Pre-seed, Seed and Early-Stage

Standards: Early-Stage Businesses must have the potential to generate significant value added and/or use local raw materials and/or introduce new and innovative technologies; or shall be operating in rural areas promoting basic infrastructure and financial support; or shall present new prototypes, products, inventions based on detailed market analysis, financial and technical appraisal.

Sustainable Business Model: Early-Stage Businesses must have a strong and sustainable competitive advantage and can compete not only locally, but regionally and even on a global basis.

A strong, skilled and transparent management team

Employment Creation Capacity

Preferred Development Stages
Idea development
Prototype testing
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