Ibtikar Fund Funding Application

    Ibtikar looks for motivated and skilled Palestinian entrepreneurs, from both within and outside Palestine, (however, we do expect that the majority of the operations of the companies we support to be located in Palestine). We look for ideas and startups that are scalable and that serve a MENA region or global need.


    Ibtikar Fund invests in portfolio companies that satisfy the following conditions:

    - It is owned (meaning, a holding of at least 51% of the means of control of the Company) by Palestinians

    - Its principal factory is situated in Palestine or a substantial amount of the proceeds of the investment will be spent in Palestine

    Application Criteria

    Industry: General, Audio and Media, AR/VR, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, HR & Recruitment, Water, Fintech, Agriculture, Education, Aerospace, IT Solutions, Agnostic, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Retail, Creative, E-commerce, Finance & Banking, Construction, Professional/Corporate Services, Homecare, Healthcare, Security, Space Tech, Real Estate, Transport, Fashion & Beauty, Artificial Intelligence, Productivity apps, Insurance, Video & Animation, Food & Beverage, Sports & Fitness, Delivery & Logistics, Travel & Tourism, Social Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Technology, Hardware, Renewable Energy, Events, Legal, Entertainment & Music, Advertising and Marketing, Consumer Services, Multimedia

    Development Stage: Launch, SEED, Growth

    Geographical Focus: Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Palestine, Qatar, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Oman, Libya, Kuwait, Yemen

    Difficulty applying ? Contact info@magnitt.com