About Cairo Angels
Application Description

Our focus is on early-stage companies – across all sectors – looking to raise LE 250,000 to LE 2 million, where we can fund a portion of the round and syndicate with other angel groups or early-stage venture funds. The company should be close or beyond commercialization stage and have a clear and defensible competitive advantage. We are looking for well articulated and cost-efficient businesses that can reach profitability preferably with a total investment of less than EGP 5 million of equity investment over the lifetime of the company. Our minimum target return is 3 – 5 times our money back in 3 – 5 years (“three to five, in three to five”) though we firmly believe that ten times return is achievable in the Egyptian market.


The Ask: Startups raising an amount between 250K - 2M EGP.

The Stage: Startups looking to fund their initial market growth, with a ready prototype, proof of concept and preferably with some market validation

The Business Model: Startups should have a scalable business model, and are close to commercialization or post-revenue

The Sector: We have no sector preference but are interested in tech-based businesses, logistics, renewable energy and agribusiness

The Team: A strong team with a vision and ability to execute

Preferred Development Stages
Preferred Industries
Delivery & Logistics
Renewable Energy
Preferred Geographical Focus
Saudi Arabia (KSA)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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