Waed Ventures Funding Application

    Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures (also known as Wa’ed Ventures), is a $200 million venture capital investment fund that invests in innovative and impactful, early-stage startups with high growth potential.

    The fund aims to promote economic development in Saudi Arabia and enhance the Kingdom’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Wa’ed Ventures comprises an eclectic, broad-ranging yet unified group of individuals who promote an open and welcoming environment ripe for prosperity and innovation.

    For a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurs’ needs, Wa’ed VC promotes an atmosphere that encourages real-time engagement with entrepreneurs to support them better. At Wa’ed Ventures, the focus is on profit and creating quality jobs and economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is a VC function with a national agenda.

    Eligibility: Wa'ed Ventures is Kingdom development focus and is not sector-focused. Though we do invest globally, we require a local deployment plan to set a hub in Saudi. 




    Application Criteria

    Industry: Advertising and Marketing, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Retail, AR/VR, Food & Beverage, Legal, Multimedia, Travel & Tourism, Video & Animation, Agriculture, Water, Telecom, Sports & Fitness, Hardware, Network & Community, General, Transport, Entertainment & Music, Agnostic, Productivity apps, Robotics, Insurance, Gaming, Delivery & Logistics, Construction, Aerospace, Homecare, Professional/Corporate Services, IoT, Space Tech, Blockchain, Education, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, HR & Recruitment, Creative, Security, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Events, Artificial Intelligence, IT Solutions, Fashion & Beauty, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Audio and Media, E-commerce, Consumer Services, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology

    Development Stage: SEED, Growth, Maturity

    Geographical Focus: Saudi Arabia (KSA)

    Difficulty applying ? Contact info@magnitt.com