KISP Ventures Funding Application

    KISP Ventures is a Shariah compliant venture capital firm that invest in early stage technology companies in the MENA region. We are backed by KFH Capital, a leading financial institution in Kuwait. Our Shariah compliant ethics means we are committed to build an ecosystem in the region by encouraging ‘Founder-Friendly' financing terms that give our portfolio companies a level playing field.

    KISP Venture focuses on the following investment criteria:

    Location: MENA Region - We only consider applications from startups based in the MENA Region.

    Market: The opportunity must have significant market size or growth potential.

    Team: Talented management team with passion and industry knowledge is preferred, but young founders with exceptional vision will also be supported. The founders must be able to execute their business plans and adapt them to shifts in the competitive landscape.

    Product: The product should offer a novel approach to addressing an undeserved and critical market need. It is important for the product to embed proprietary or unique technology to have a barrier to entry and cement a first mover advantage for the startup.

    Deal: The deal must make sense from a valuation and control perspective. The capital structure has to be investor friendly and closely aligns interests of management and shareholders.

    Strategy: The business plan must be achievable with clear, reasonable paths to profitability, and working towards a practical exit plan.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Technology

    Development Stage: Growth

    Geographical Focus: Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Sudan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Libya, Tunisia

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