Arzan Venture Capital Funding Application

    Arzan VC is a new concept in Kuwait and one of the venture capital firms in the MENA region. Our core objective is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who possess an armada of innovation.

    Minimum Pre-Seed round of $50k

    We lead rounds of USD $50,000 or more. Our participation would be a maximum of 50% of the entire round, with a ticket size of USD $25,000. We have no preference in terms of who those co-investors are, be it your friend, brother, or favorite aunt.

    A technical co-founder (part time works for now) We invest in startups that leverage technology to gain the competitive edge over the incumbents. Being a technical founder or having a technical co founder on board is crucial for early stage startups. Otherwise hiring or outsourcing your core technical requirements will come at a great cost in time and money.


    No gaming or hardware startups

    We decided that the MENA region currently cannot provide a big enough market or talent pool in those two verticals. 

    It is also a fact that investor appetite in the region is not at the level which can provide those startups with the funding they would need in order to keep growing. Focused on big markets Large markets can support scalable models without the need to look outside.

    The MENA region is very fragmented with each market having its own laws, regulations, and even cultural specifics. We prefer companies that aim to dominate local markets as opposed to being dependent on new market expansion at an early stage.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: Robotics, Agriculture, Advertising and Marketing, HR & Recruitment, Productivity apps, Multimedia, Fashion & Beauty, Entertainment & Music, Blockchain, Education, Construction, Renewable Energy, General, Artificial Intelligence, Agnostic, Water, Legal, Delivery & Logistics, Fintech, Video & Animation, Audio and Media, Hardware, AR/VR, Security, Aerospace, Finance & Banking, IT Solutions, Retail, Healthcare, IoT, Events, Consumer Services, Retail, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Social Entrepreneurship, Homecare, Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Space Tech, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Food & Beverage, Network & Community, Telecom, Gaming, Technology, Sports & Fitness, Real Estate, Professional/Corporate Services, Transport

    Development Stage: Launch, SEED, Growth, Maturity

    Geographical Focus: Tunisia, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Morocco, Yemen, Oman, Libya, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Syria, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Global

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