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    Resources, Support and Networking with SendGrid Accelerate Startup Program

    The SendGrid Accelerate Startup Program has been specially crafted for top tier startups, accelerators, VCs and incubators. As a dedicated team of business and technical experts that live and breathe startups, the SendGrid Community Development Team helps founders and their companies grow faster and smarter by providing comprehensive support, networking, and resources including access to SendGrid’s world class email deliverability platform and engagement tools.
    - $1,560 of credits (or $129.95 per month for 12 months) for free use of the Pro 100K Plan, which provides up to 100K emails per month on a dedicated IP for optimal deliverability
    - 6 months free access to to stress test web apps & APIs with thousands of concurrent connections
    - Gain valuable insights from our experienced global mentors and tap into our worldwide network of accelerators and early-stage VC funds
    - Get up and running fast and at the highest level with our hands-on technical support, ongoing training, and valuable deliverability coaching.
    If you are interested in the above perk and want to be considered, simply complete the application form below and once submitted, you will be contacted by the SendGrid team with instructions on how to avail the offer.

    Application Criteria

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