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    MBC Ventures Funding Application

    MBC VENTURES is the venture capital arm of MBC Group, launched in 2012, it invests in Telecommunication Media and Technology (TMT) in the Middle East and North Africa. The fund aims to invest in local startups at the seed stage. We invest in early-stage startups (Series A) for a maximum of $500,000 for about 10-20% equity. We favor startups that have been in the market for a few months, have tested their product and can show some traction.

    We are interested in privately-held startups that meet the following key criteria:

    • Startups in the TMT space focusing on the MENA region with high growth potential

    • Strong management team with an established track record and the ability to monetize and grow the business

    • Early stage companies with proven traction in terms of revenues and customers/traffic


    If you are seeking funding and believe your investment opportunity fits our criteria, we invite you to submit a proposal.

    Application Criteria

    Industry: N/A

    Development Stage: N/A

    Geographical Focus: N/A

    Difficulty applying ? Contact