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    Sawari Ventures Funding Application

    Our strategy is to invest in technology-driven companies seeking to build new markets with significant growth potential. We employ a full-service, multi-stage approach with a focus on early and growth-stage investing. A Technology, Media and Telecommunications firm, we have specific interests in Arabic Web Content and Applications, Financial Services and eCommerce, Mobile Content and Applications, Software-as-a-Service, and Converged Services. To ensure that each company gets the support it needs to succeed, we actively limit the number of portfolio company investments. This gives us a high partner-to-company ratio and guarantees that our companies get the attention they deserve. Typically, we invest $250K - $1M initially and expect to invest $2M to $5M over the life of a company.

    Application Criteria

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    Development Stage: N/A

    Geographical Focus: N/A

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